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Licensed by the State of Massachusetts
and fully insured to apply
pesticides and insecticides


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The Boston Globe: "An unusually moist spring and a hot summer have conspired
to produce a particularly abundant crop of poison ivy this year,
leaving more Massachusetts residents than usual scratching their skin raw."

It IS everywhere, growing in the middle of mulch beds, along fence and property lines,
and in the middle of your plants.  Poison Ivy grows throughout our area as groundcover
or as a climbing vine. The leaves are a compound of 3 smooth almond-shaped leaflets.
The color of the leaves
range from light green to dark green, turning red in the fall.
The berries are a grayish white color and are a favorite food of many birds
which makes it spread easily.
We spray and kill poison ivy!
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Common Weeds

Using a similar solution that we use for poison ivy,
we also spray unsightly weeds that grow where they aren't wanted.

In cracks in driveways, along fence lines, in the middle of mulch beds etc.

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