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26 years 1986-2012

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Saved the Ducklings
I can't make this up! Last Friday I received a call from the Sharon Police Dept (yes I was nervous at first) commending my men for their part in saving 10 ducklings that fell in a catch basin. Mother duck walked across the grate but the ten ducklings followed each other in. I was told that when my men realized what had happened, they dropped what they were doing and ran to assist. One held the others ankles while he reached down deep and grabbed the ducklings and passed them out to the officer who would bring them to the Quacking mother.  Made me feel good to get a call like that.
tue, may 26, 2009 | link

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I reckon it's time to mulch!
Now that the forsythia, pjm rhododendrons, and flowering ornamental trees have lost their flower petals, it is the time to start spreading mulch. I recomend 100% Hemlock to all of my customers but for those of you that prefer a little darker, we can always use pinebark mulch.
thu, may 7, 2009 | link

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